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Last Post: 5 Realisations of Blogging


Well, it’s been almost three months since I’ve started this blog and these are the things I’ve realised along the way:

1. You’ll find it allows you to express yourself

As I mentioned in my first post,  blogging is a wonderful platform to express yourself. Over the past few months, this is exactly what I’ve been offered through this activity : a place to air my views with minimal judgement.


2. It also allows you to think

Education these days doesn’t necessarily keep up with modern trends or genuine learning. Here, however, not only was I forced to think about how to grab an audience, I also learned how to actually communicate what I meant (well, hopefully)


3.  And eventually, you’re going to run out of things to talk about

And in situations like these, you’re going to have to think about and form opinions about things you generally wouldn’t, which has it’s own benefits.




4. You’re going to grow as a person

Because you’ve been forced to not only research, think about and form opinions about things, you’re going to grow as a person. This entire experience is going to expose you to new things you never knew existed. I, for one, had never really looked into rape as much as I did in my second and third blogposts which really helped me learn a lot more about it, and eventually reason it out and come to a definite viewpoint (especially on marital rape).


5. You’re going to realise things about yourself

The first thing you’ll probably realise is that your writing isn’t as good or interesting as some of your peers. Then, you may realise that there really is  a limit to the things you can write about without sounding not only super inexperienced, but also extremely naive. And finally, you’ll realise that nothing really matters and life is nothing but energy condensed to a slow vibration, experiencing itself subjectively.

Hah, no. On you will actually realise much more useful things like where you stand on a lot of topics, what you feel and possibly why you feel the way you feel.