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Celebrating Diwali in the Hostel


So it’s Diwali today, and what better way to get into the Diwali feel than to write a blog about it, amiright?


1. The hostel is going to empty out very quickly

You’ll notice the hallways going from boisterous to deserted in less than twelve hours as everyone leaves for home. Indian festivals put special emphasis on being with your family, so it’s not really surprising to see everyone leave for home, even if it’s only for two days.



2. It’s way too easy to feel lonely

You’re probably one of the five residents left in a building meant to house 100+ people.
You’re no longer fighting to use the one western toilet on your floor. Everyone is home, enjoying, and you’re stuck here doing deadlines. 



 3. You’re going to miss home, quite a bit

It’s all very easy to say you can spend Diwali on your own without your family, but then it eventually catches up with you. Maybe you’ll have an e-puja with them, where you get to witness what you’ve seen in person throughout your childhood through a laptop screen and the miracles of the 21st century.


4. But at the end of the day, you’re getting stuff done

And that’s a good thing. You’re working hard today simply so you can build a better tomorrow and that’s what matters most.
So keep going. You’re here for a reason, it’s up to you to decide what that reason will be.