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Big Yellow Door


Recently, I found myself in front of a big, yellow door. One that looked quite a bit like this :


A favourite for many college students, I only had the chance to visit this food joint very, very recently. Only now do I fully understand what people mean when they say ‘food coma’.

My friend and I ordered a rocky road chocolate shake and an apple pie shake (at the suggestion of our server) and I was not disappointed. When they say apple pie shake, you’re best off taking them seriously because it is litrerally chunks of apple pie in an ice cream shake.


Sadly, I couldn’t take any good photos as the lighting at BYD wasn’t too photography-conducive. Not to say it wasn’t ambient. Combined with the soft lighting, tasteful decorations and music any 17-25 yea old must have grown up with, it ‘s not too surprising that it’s a favourite amongst college students.

Anyways, coming back to the food. We also ordered a plate of cheesy nachos and two BYD ‘Bomb’ chicken burgers. Piece of advice : don’t ask for extra cheese with the burger, you won’t need it. The burgers at BYD come with wafers on the side, and the bomb burger is not only filled with cheese, it also comes with two  chicken patties. All for the simple price of INR 130 (without tax) which is an absolute steal in south Delhi. For reference, a similar burger would cost you around 220 in Dunkin Donuts, and it would come sans fries.


The nachos were covered in cheese and came with salsa on the side. The picture explains it all, to be honest.


And now, for the best part about BYD : the pricing. All this food, after tax came for less than INR 600. That’s less than 300 rupees per person, for some of the most amazing food you’ll ever have

Do check the place out, if you haven’t already. It’s absolutely worth it.


(Disclaimer: None of the images used here are mine. All credit goes to the original owners.)