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The Mumbai International Airport


Considering I’ve been travelling recently, writing about my  ‘travelling’ (If you could call a three day vacation that) seemed like a sensible thing to do.

In the past four days I’ve seen three airports – namely Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai and the Goa International Airport. Out of these three, the one that stood out most was definitely  the Mumbai International Airport.

With its high roofs and spacious layout, it’s easy to forget you’re in  the most crowded city in the country with a population of a whopping 16.37 Lakh people spread over a meagre 603 square kilometres.
This effectively implies that there are 382 persons per square kilometre.


Looking at Mumbai as you fly in is enough to gather that space is a priceless (or rather, extremely expensive)  commodity in the city.
And yet, the Mumbai Airport manages to look absolutely humongous.


While the airport has been made over a fairly large plot of land, seeing spaces like these in Mumbai isn’t common.
This aesthetic, in my opinion, was mostly managed by them keeping the construction mostly vertical (as is standard in the city), letting in more than enough light and architecture that makes space, instead of taking it up.

Overall, the entire place has a very airy, light feeling about it.
Here are a few pictures I took around the place:

Featuring my mother and older brother, this is the sight we were greeted with on first entering the duty free section which you can encounter after checking in and completing your security checks.

The ‘small‘ mall you come across on your way to the terminals is filled with a variety of shops and absolutely awe inspiring architecture. It undeniably changes your opinion of the country you’re in.

The entire place is pretty charming, as such.

The pictures up next were taken in the food court. Not only were there a variety of eateries to choose from, the prices mentioned were with the taxes included so you don’t have any surprises coming your way after ordering.

The food court overlooks the runway and airplane hangars. It’s aesthetic during the day but at night you can see the runway lights glimmering and the city lights in the distance- adding to the overall effect.