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Go Goa Gone : 5 Realisations


No, not the movie.
In my previous post I’d mentioned I’d been travelling, so here it is:
The five things I learnt in Goa.

1. The sea is not your friend  (some of the time, at least)

The water is saltier than you’d expect it to be, especially if (like me) you’re not a regular with the sea. That, and not to mention all the things that may wash up at the beach while you’re there. Personally, I encountered crabs, slugs, teeny tiny baby fish and way too many  jellyfish. 





2. Sand is fun to walk on, but that’s about it

Sand is amazing, especially early in the morning when it’s cool or in the evening as the sun is setting and the sand is warm from the sun, but not too hot. But go into the water and try walking on it again (or worse, sitting down) it’s not fun.




Unless you plan on looking like and feeling a monstrosity, no matter what you do just don’t forget it. Sunscreen is important. Just because you’re Indian and brown doesn’t mean you won’t or can’t get sunburnt. Sunburn is a horrible thing, take it from someone whose nose is peeling because of it.



4. Once you get back home, you’re probably going to collapse.

My flight landed at 3 AM, so that may contribute to the fatigue. However, I do think Goa led me to a post-vacation Hangover. Everything hurts, my brain is fuzzy and my will power is almost at an all time low. All I want to do is sleep now.


5. It was probably a very memorable holiday

I went with my family and family friends and the entire experience was absolutely amazing. What happens in Goa, stays in Goa, and you know it was a good holiday when you’re suffering from that same ol’ post-vacation hangover later.
Here’s a photo of some of us at the beach: