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The Midsemester Disaster : 7 Realisations


Our college recently finished up with it’s midsemester exams, and now that the results are out, I can’t not write about it.

So, here are the 7 realizations I’ve had in the past couple of weeks:


1. Everything seems doable till you actually sit down to do it

Studying is never easy. Studying in college is harder, though. There are a million things to do, making it a lot easier to not only procrastinate, but also to lull yourself into the false sense of security that the syllabus isn’t as vast as may seem to be.


2. You’re going to study very hard for one course and then be too burnt out to study for the rest

If you’re anything like me and love to put things off till the last moment, you’re probably going to have at least one weak subject you kind of despise but need a good grade in. The night you decide to obtain complete mastery of this course will be one of your most exhausting and rigorous nights spent in college so far – but chances are, not only are you going to obtain a near fail grade, you’ll probably also be too tired to study for the next three exams you have lined up after this one.




3. The one subject you believe yourself to be truly good at might be the one that drags your GPA down in the end

Well, let’s admit it- it’s easy to be good at the easier courses you’ve taken up. But then again, if you’re a fairly average person,  you’re not the only person who finds it easy. Bring in the fact that you probably also have relative grading in the course, and suddenly getting 80% in the course isn’t going to get you anywhere near an A in it.


4. There will be moments in time where you will question your purpose in life

Why did you opt for this college? Why are you studying this course? Why didn’t you go do something that’s considered to be an easier course from someplace else? Why were you even born?
Life would’ve been much easier if society wouldn’t tell you that a college degree is essential to making money.

But you’re stuck here so..whoops. Might as well make the most of it.





5. The slow, but timely acceptance of mediocrity

You can’t always be the best. Sometimes, it’s easier to just go with the flow and stop being so type A all the time. Yes, being type A is what got you into this college, but you’re allowed to be calm, relaxed and average. It’s okay.






6. The best part about the exams is realizing you’re not the only one suffering

During the exams, one thing that really helped out along the way was going into the canteen at 2 AM every day. Not because I was hungry, no  (too much of a broke college student to fall into that habit), but simply because going there and moping about the syllabus, college, our professors and our lives overall was a very refreshing break.



7. You should’ve studied harder and more regularly when you had the time

We’ve all been there, we’ve all felt that same wave of regret and disappointment in ourselves washing over us. But it’s okay, right? Because we’ll prove our worth in the Endsemester exams, definitely.





(Credits for images given to google and our very own college meme page, IIITD memes v2.0)