As most of you may already know, this blog was started as a project for one of my classes. However, I do believe that a first post befitting any blog should include the reason the blog was started and where the blogger plans on taking it.

While I have started this blog mostly because a course in college calls for it, I must admit that the concept of it was inherently exciting. Growing up, blogging always seemed like a thing only people with very exciting lives or varied, deep interests could get into. As I never truly considered myself to possess either of the above, I believe this opportunity should serve to at least be a refreshing break from the expected rigor and ‘sciencey stuff’ any engineering degree is bound to bring with it.


Anyways, getting on with ‘Writing’. Why do we do it? According to The Write Practice, people write for four main reasons:

  1. To appreciate everyday life
  2.  To find a way to live past their physical lives and be remembered
  3. To leave a mark on the world
  4. To find true meaning in life and themselves

Which is a fairly impressive list and seems to cover almost all reasons people write.

There is a large segment of people who feel unheard and underappreciated. Writing (and now blogging) has always been around to help people express themselves, despite any shortcomings they may face in verbal communication.

People who were earlier close to being voiceless are now being heard on an unprecedented scale which is capable of bringing society together for change, be it big or small. No one I knew had heard of ALS before the ALS ice bucket challenge went viral and managed to raise more than $15 million (Albeit not directly related to blogs, the sheer power of sharing a video and a tweet cannot be denied), and in more recent news, no one had heard of ‘Whitbie’s Fish & Chips’ till a certain customer wrote him a glowing review on Facebook.

Image result

People participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge (Credits)

The internet so far has changed the way we interact with the world around us. Our first reaction when something interesting happens is to post it on Snapchat, or try to cram it into 140 characters and hashtags. While managing to give life to many things, the internet has also managed to rob us of the joy of simply living. Which is where writing comes into the picture – it helps us reconnect with the world, grounding us.

Personally, I think writing reminds us of who we really are beneath the facade many of us find ourselves putting up for the sake of society. Writing is honest. To write something is to solidify its existence. It makes things that seemed earlier intangible, tangible.

Writing assures us that what we feel is real, which is especially important considering the majorly virtual world we live in.


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